The Social Committee plans to have Food Truck Fridays again this summer, stay tuned for more details.
The Board is planning to continue the annual fireworks show. More details later.
Friends of Cartmell House (FOCH) has plans for an opening of the Cartmell House to the public on July 4th, in conjunction with the neighborhood fireworks. 
  • If you have any questions please contact the office at 859 219 0035.
  • Tennis Courts 
         The Tennis Courts remain locked at all times, unless in use to prevent vandalism of equipment. For residents wanting to use the tennis courts during business hours, a key is located at the Clubhouse with  the Office Manager. If you would like to use the Tennis court key after hours or on the weekend, please leave your name, date, address, and phone number in the tennis court key log book also located in the office. If you need to reach the Manager by phone please call the clubhouse at 859-219-0035.                                                                                                                                     
    Dues should be paid by January
    31st to avoid late fees. Payments
    can be placed in the drop box at
    the Firebrook Clubhouse
    or they can be mailed to:
    Firebrook Homeowners Association
  • 4740 Firebrook Blvd.
    Lexington KY 40513
    The HOA Dues are used to cover
    an array of Association costs.
    These include the cost of ongoing
    maintenance of lakes and ponds,
    insurance policies, utility costs,
    amenities, pool upkeep, trash
    removal, landscaping and other
    shared expenses. Without HOA
    fees, maintaining the beauty and
    integrity of the Firebrook
    Homeowners Association could
    not be achieved.
    Beginning March 1st,
    all HOA fees that remain unpaid,
    will incur a late fee ($25.00).
    This fee will be applied each
    month that the account is overdue
  • NEW WEBSITE: Firebrook welcomes an updated website to feature our neighborhood. Browse for the latest information, update your profile with your family photo while you are there, or become a first-time registered user to get information sent right to your email.


To update your profile, login to and then clicking the link that says "your profile" to the right of your name. Once there, update your "profile photo" with a family picture. Then "update your directory preferences" by toggling to "yes" on "show my profile", and "everyone can see" or "members can see" on the profile photo. Turn the other options to "hidden from all" if desired.

If you are having trouble logging in or wonder if you already have an account. Please contact us so we can do the research for you and reset your password.
Walking & Bicycle Safety
Firebrook Neighbors,
With school starting, there are more kids out riding bikes and walking to bus stops. We ask that you always be on the lookout for any bike riders or pedestrians who may not be paying attention to their surroundings due to looking at their phones or listening to music with ear buds. We have had quite a few close calls lately, specifically with kids riding bikes and using earbuds.
Parents we ask that you speak with your family members about bicycle safety.
Please help us keep all bike riders and pedestrians safe by being aware while you are driving.